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A transaction in Hawaii with NO conveyance tax!

When Larry Ellison bought the Island of Lanai, there was much hue and cry over the fact that there was no conveyance tax paid as a result of the transaction. Although the purchase price of the 97% of that beautiful place has never been publicly announced, the price...

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Hawaii’s Conveyance Tax

I thought that I would take a minute to explain one of the differences between purchasing a property in Hawaii as opposed to elsewhere, the state of Hawaii’s Conveyance Tax. The State of Hawaii collects a conveyance tax on every real estate transaction that occurs in...

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Selling One Shoe

Aloha Everyone, I recently attended the 15th Annual Spring Retreat held in Maui by the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate organization. I was accepted into the organization at the end of 2016, so this was my first event with this group. I found them to be a great group...

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Hawaii Luxury Listings

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate in Maui!     Hawaii Luxury Listings, joins Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Founder & Principal Broker Johnny McElree to attend 2017 Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat in Maui, Hawaii News Provided By Hawaii Luxury Listings,...

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