[icon_list icon=”icon-comment”] [li]Top 100 Realtors in the State of Hawaii, Hawaii Business Magazine 2011, 2012 [/li] [/icon_list]

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Real Estate in Hawaii

Waking Up On a vacation to Hawaii’s Kohala Coast, Johnny found the place he’d been dreaming of. There was an instant connection to the people, culture and abundance of palm trees! He was in paradise.

Today, Johnny is still amazed that he lives in this idyllic setting. ““I wake up every morning, hop in my outrigger canoe and paddle along the coast.  I never imagined this could be possible, but I also never gave up the dream.  Live YOUR dreams in Hawaii today- I am and so can you.”

Achieve the Dream Johnny didn’t start out having everything he wanted under the sun. Even as a child, he knew it would take hard work and dedication to make his dream a reality. After earning a bachelor’s degree, Johnny set out to exceed his own expectations and followed it up with a master’s. This laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

While founding and operating one of the largest family-owned asphalt milling companies in California was an accomplishment to be sure, Johnny’s dream still drove him. So, relying on his savvy business skills, he sold the company and achieved the dream of a lifetime – living under palm trees. And Johnny’s never looked back since.

Reach for It This ability to turn dreams into reality became the foundation of Johnny’s career in real estate. He saw a chance to use his business expertise and passion for paradise to help other professionals and families achieve their own dreams of success. Whether they’re buying or selling, Johnny is focused on his clients’ goals and determined to deliver the results they deserve.

If you’re looking to move to the Kohala Coast or sell your current home for maximum profit, contact Johnny today. He’s a professional who sold his business and moved his family to an entirely new area in order to give them a better life. When it comes to your needs, he covers every detail and creates a strategy that will make the process smooth and seamless.


*(as named by Hawaii Business Magazine) for 2011, 2012.

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